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Smart House Features


The audio distribution system allows you to listen to the music source you want, at the volume you want, in the room you want (including the deck), while elsewhere in the house, others are listening to what they want at the volume comfortable for them — and it’s all being controlled by a Central Distribution System.

With sleek and attractive Source/Volume controllers throughout the house, you can walk into a room, touch a pad and listen to your Ipod, satellite radio, CD, internet radio, or whatever music source you choose and you can make your choices from your IPhone or IPad.

Components are from Sonos, the industry leaders in multi-room, multi-source technology.


Throughout the home you will find high speed, high capacity telephone/data wiring for increased capacity for video and data signals, computer modems, fax, voice, and telephone.  The wiring has been engineered to not only meet the highest level of current technology, but also to allow for adaptability to future technological advances.


A natural gas 23KW generator starts automatically should power fail.


The Honeywell Wifi programmable thermostats can be controlled from your mobile phone.


Television outlets and the Home Theater are wired to provide maximum viewing enjoyment for you and your family.  Mantels in the family room and master bedroom are placed at a height for comfortable viewing.


The Honywell security system is hardwired with contact sensors at all basement and all first floor doors and windows plus glassbreaks on the first floor.  The system can easily be turned on and off manually or with your cellphone.  If you are away and want someone to be able to enter your house, just use your cellphone to deactivate the security system.

 The system also includes:

  • A motion detector in the foyer and the lower level along with two sirens
  • Four keypads: at the front door, mudroom door to the garage and in the master bedroom.  Lying in bed and can’t remember if you armed the system?  Without getting out of bed, you can look at the keypad and tell by the red or green light.
  • Prewiring at exterior locations for the optional Surveillance Camera system
  • Prewiring for fire interface module that connects to the smoke alarm system
  • Battery backup
  •  Signs and stickers.

Monitoring is available locally or nationally by phone, cell, or internet

The optional Sky Bell system works with the doorbell, allowing you to see on your cell phone who is at the front door.  Sky Bell works as a regular doorbell  by replacing the doorbell button with a 3″ diameter  Camera.  With WiFi, it can also send a message to one or more cell phones which bring up the picture being seen by the camera and allows two way conversation. 

Another option is an intercom system connected to the doorbell with stations located at each level of the house.  The system enables you to hear the doorbell and to easily communicate with visitors and family. No more shouting between floors.